The foreman shall:
- organize the performance of construction and installation works in accordance with the design documentation, construction codes and rules, specifications and other regulatory documents;
- ensure observance of technological succession when performing construction and installation works at the job-site;
- work with subcontracting entities, take over the works accomplished by subcontracting entities;

Foreman for Construction and Installation Works

Principal duties:

The assistant project manager shall:
- give assistance to the construction project manager in his work;
- look into and analyze the information, work performance data and its results;
- develop technical documentation;
- take part in the commissioning of completed construction facilities, separate stage of works on the facilities being commissioned.

Assistant Project Manager

Principal duties:

The project manager shall:
- take on the project;
- perform planning and building site organization;
- control of all processes of project implementation.

Project Manager

Principal duties:

The costing department engineer shall:
- draw up estimates in commercial rates on the disciplines: architectural, HVAC, water supply and sewerage, automatic fire-extinguishing system, power supply equipment and electric lighting, low-current systems, etc. for participating in tenders for the modernization, fit-out and installation of services of commercial estate assets;
- compute amounts of work by the drawings;
- obtain price proposals from the suppliers and contractors;
- analyze the market of works, services and materials;
- prepare supporting documentation for competitive bids (work progress charts, man-assignment schedules, financing schedules, etc.;
- interact with the design and procurement departments during the preparation of tender proposals.
Principal duties:

Costing Department Engineer

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