Implementation of the project under the pandemic conditions was a challenge.
It was required from GPGroup to turn its focus toward a project of additional labor resources. Owing to this the office was put into service within the target time frame in line with the schedule of work.
“There was a task assigned to us to create a technology intensive area, which quality of construction and engineering equipment will be laying stress on the status of the company working with the world-known brands. The approach how to arrange offices is now getting changed – attention is being increasingly focused on the comfort, health and safety of employees. We have provided up-dated infrastructure for the offices that meets the newest trends in outfitting and finishing the workspaces,” — says Igor Gretsov, the Executive Partner and General Director of the construction company GPGroup.


4000 m2
For Inventive Retail Group the office is not only a workplace but a company’s stock-in-trade as well for foreign partners whose interests it promotes in Russia.
It has been evidenced in the conception of decorating the space created by the architectural bureau of the
company ABD Architects.

In course of the performance of works, the company GPGroup, LLC showed to be a reliable general contracting company capable to perform a wide range of construction, installation and fit-out works. All the work was executed in compliance with the codes and standards, with due quality and within contractually agreed deadlines.
The company GPGroup, LLC is a qualified, right partner, and may be recommended to implement construction projects in the sector of commercial property.
D.I. Revin
Construction and Maintenance Director


+7 (495) 105-93-93

23, bldg.. 1, Level 4, Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya str, Moscow

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